Analyse the Theories of Attachment, Deprivation and Separation, Whilst Underpinning Influential Factors of Attachment Inclusive of the Nature/Nurture Debate.

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This essay will examine theories of attachment and how they have evolved over time. It will clearly identify three methods of attachment and critically evaluate them whilst creating a balanced argument through researching both support and criticisms. The essay will discuss the debate regarding nature vs nurture and investigate how they underpin the theories. “Attachment may be defined as an emotional connection between one person and another. A bond that joins them together and withstands the test of time”. (Ainsworth, 1969) What is attachment and how does its many manifestations affect the well-being and psychological development of a child? Psychological evaluation of a child’s development is key to understanding the influence attachment may have and it is important to examine its many faces; from deprivation to separation. There have been many studies that investigate the role paternal deprivation plays and how it impact’s a child’s ability to create and maintain relationships and to become well-adjusted and developed as they grow older. In 1946 Spitz and Wolf undertook such a project, studying children in orphanages who had not formed attachments with a care giver or their parents before they entered the institution. It was found that the children suffered grave consequences and failed to thrive, they were deprived of stimulation and were often lying in cots alone. Spitz stated that the lack of stimulation these children received played a huge role in their decline. Regardless of the good nutrition and medical care received, over a third of these children were deceased by their first birthday (Gross and Kinnison, 2007). It compared these infants to babies born into a prison institution, who although had worse nutrition and medical care thrived under the care of their mothers and were all still alive by their first birthdays. The study found that deprivation
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