Analyse The Theme Of Deception In The Great Gatsby

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The novel is a story of sordid deception, adultery and murder, how far do you agree? I agree the novel is full of deception; the glamorous life of the east masks the corruption underneath just like many characters hide behind disguises. The main example is Gatsby himself, he is one big illusion who covers his true identity for starters by changing his name, and they say every name has a meaning so he is already hiding his true self away as if he wants to be someone else. Gatsby creates an appearance of wealth and status, which hides his poor past and criminal deeds which contrast the respected and clever person he appears to be. This is all in order to grasp what he really wants, daisy, she is being lied to which is ironic when she should be the one he is most loyal to if he wants to pursue a relationship with her. Gatsby is introduced through gossip which instantly shows he is a mysterious character, guests say he once ‘killed a man’ or was ‘a spy’, the fact is , everyone talks about him but no one really knows, his identity and past is a myth, the different things people believe influence other people’s views on him too adding to the on-going theme of deception. There are hints all the way through that Gatsby is a fake, like when owl eyes is amazed…show more content…
Nick says that ‘Jay Gatsby…sprang from his platonic conception of himself’, he thinks that Gatsby as a ’17 year old boy’ imagined an ideal man and tried to make it happen, Plato a
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