Analyse the methods used be Stalin in his successful bid for power

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In 1924 Lenin dies leaving the role as leader of the communist open. Lenin did not want Stalin, but Trotsky to take over his position. But as Lenin’s strokes got worse, he lost the ability to participate in the CC (Central Committee). Lenin had information about Stalin that could have been very damaging if it was released in public. Stalin had many calculated methods to achieve the power of Russia. As Lenin’s death came closer, Stalin had to act quickly in order to turn the situation into his advantage. After Lenin died, he had left his testament (Letter to the Party Committee) to the party. It clearly stated that Stalin should not be given the position as head of the party. Trotsky would be more suitable. Stalin was furious. Trotsky was becoming ill and he therefore had to leave Moscow. Stalin wrote to Trotsky, that he would not make it back to Lenin’s funeral in time. So therefore Trotsky stayed in the south of Russia. It looked like Trotsky did not care for Lenin’s funeral and Trotsky lost his reputation and political power. Stalin attended and showed his best side to gain Lenin’s supporters and the other colleagues of the party’s trust. He even carried the coffin and held a speech talking about Leninism. This gave Stalin a most important comeback and it was only the beginning of Stalin’s quest for the power of Russia. Lenin’s testament was send to the CC in May 1924 but it was not released to the party. If it had been it would have ended Stalin’s career. Zinoviev and Kamenev convinced the CC not to release it, because of the following causes it could have; the testament was not very positive about the party, Zinoviev and Kamenev thought that Stalin was no real threat to them and they wanted his help to get rid of Trotsky, and that the testament would help Trotsky. Zinoviev, Kamenev and Stalin were now ahead in the struggle to conquer the power. Trotsky kept
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