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Analyse the dramatic contribution of the character of Mercutio in the play Romeo and Juliet In this essay I will be evaluating the role of Mercutio and what affect he creates. The character of Mercutio can be seen both absorbing and fear-provoking, Shakespeare implies this by the name as it relates to Mercurial which means change of moods and mercury which is dangerous and is a metal liquid, and they both replicate his character. He is fearless, challenging and demanding ‘by my heel, I care not’ this indicates he does not care what other feel or think about him, he wants everything his way, when he seems to lose control and do everything his way ‘I care not’ it shows his confidence and how he does not fear of the Capulet or anyone else as long as it satisfies him. He is a close friend of Romeo and Benvolio; between them strong friendship, loyalty and understanding is shown and Shakespeare shows this especially between Romeo and Mercutio. Benvolio’s name can come from the word benevolent which means kind and helpful, this reflects his character as he was naïve and was a peacemaker. Initially Mercutio is introduced before the party (which the Capulet have given) although, they are not invited they still go, the audience understand his views on love and how he portrays it as. He thinks love is a challenge and he sees this through Romeo’s experience ‘prick love for pricking, and you beat love down’ he knows that by loving someone it does not always benefit, this may also show why his belief in love isn’t strong and he knows love isn’t always supportive therefore he’s suggesting ‘prick love’ so it isn’t too hard on Romeo. He’s worried about Romeo, therefore takes him to the party ‘Nay gentle Romeo we must have you dance’ Mercutio understands the fact that he’s in depression, as the one Romeo likes does not like him back, therefore he persuades him to come to the
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