Analyse the Content and Composition of the Decoration on This Pot Painted by Euphronios.

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a) Analyse the content and composition of the decoration on this pot painted by Euphronios. Euphronios was an ancient Greek vase painter active in Athens in the late 6th and early 5th centuries BC. He was part of the pioneer group, which is a group of vase painters who were instrumental in effecting the change from Black figure pottery to Red figure pottery. Euphronios himself was more influential on red figure technique and his work place him at the transition from late Archaic to Early Classical art. One of his most famous paintings was that of Herakles fighting off three amazons who were barbaric warrior women, whose main method of attack was archery which Euphronios captures in his painting. Firstly the main figure in this pot is of the hero Herakles who is depicted on the belly of the pot striding to the ride in a position of attack with his knotted club raised to harm the oncoming amazons striding to the left of the belly in similar positions. A great amount of skilled detail has gone into depicting both Herakles and the amazons. In the first instance Herakles stands out as the hero as he is taking on three amazons single handedly, also his image is very masculine and excessive, as he takes up the space that two of the Amazon women would occupy. The way he is portrayed is very neat and idealized, as Euphronios used diluted paint to create real muscle on Herakles body, this is a very modern idea and shows his influence in the red figure paintings, as he goes into more depth than one has previously scene on similar vases. Furthermore great detail has gone into the lion skin that Herakles was wearing and the drapery of the material, which is tied around his neck, with Herakles head showing in between the mouth of the lion, showing immense craftsmanship and skill from Euphronios, who again went into great detail in the clothing of the Amazons, individualizing

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