Analyse Own Responsibilities for Promoting Equality and Valuing Diversity

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Analyse own responsibilities for promoting equality and valuing diversity. Introduction This written account will consider how I establish and recognise individual learner differences, needs, and what resources have been given, enabling the learner to move forward with differing ICT Skills with in my working environment. Having met numerous learners on an individual and group basis over the years, I have learnt that although we are all human we are all very different. As I work with learners who have disabilities, ranging from Dyslexia and Dyspraxia to Visual Impairment and physical disabilities, I have always treated the learner primarily as human and not that they are disabled, although this of course has to be considered when teaching specific software and finding out what their difficulties are. For example, When I enter the learners environment, I may see various coloured post-it notes on a wall, this would lead me to ask firstly if reading from a coloured background helps them see words on paper better than from a white background. The second part of establishing the difficulty would be that they need these reminders as a short term memory problem is also a factor. Equality In my field of work I promote equality with every individual I meet, this is due to the subjects they are studying and their individual disabilities all being different. Working with most learners on a one-to-one basis enables me to not put differences in the way of lowering the learners expectations of what their goals are, not being judgemental or negative towards their choices. This approach helps build the self-esteem, respect and confidence to continue with their studies with self-belief. My vast experience of a range of disabilities enables me to treat the learner accordingly, keeping us both on a level playing field, even though I may have little knowledge of the subject they

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