Analyse Learning and Teaching Approaches to Learning and Teaching

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It is the duty of the teacher to identify the needs of all the students and ensure that these needs are met. This can be achieved by modifying teaching approaches to optimize the learning experiences of the students. Active learning engages and motivates learners to learn and achieve Good statement. Dividing the class into small groups can be rewarding for both the teacher and the student. Students can learn from each other, debate and challenge that they have heard in the session. Using the jigsaw technique in group teaching is effective way of learning. Each group is given separate but related assignments. When all members are prepared, the class is re-divided into mix groups, with one member from each team in each group. Each person in the group then tackles an assignment together that pulls all of the pieces together to form the full picture. This technique ensures that each student understands the material well enough to be able to teach others, and that each student contributes in problem solving components. Open-ended questions are a great tool that helps the teacher to learn about the way students think about what is going on in the class. This method of using questions to teach and evaluate performance is called the Socratic Method. Questioning students allows the teacher to evaluate the level of understanding, provides feedback and improving the educational material presented. Examples on an open-ended questions can be: Today I learned ..., I noticed...., or If I could change on thing in the class it would
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