Analyse the film Jurassic Park looking at the scene where we first meet the dinosaur.

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Jurassic Park is an exhilarating tale of audacity and adventure, the massive impact of humans who try to interfere with nature and play God, the many consequences, and the awe- inspiring predators that are fortunately extinct! The producers and director use many strategies, which will be examined, to make the film have its desired effect on audience. The director uses a combination of images, sounds and camera shots to convey a film that builds up tension, climax and anticipation for the terrified spectators. The incredible story of Jurassic Park starts with a minute mosquito that is preserved in amber (solid tree sap). As chaos theory suggests, it was the little trickle of blood that allowed John Hammond to recreate one of natures’ most feared predators- dinosaurs, and create a theme park. However, when a perfidious and gluttonous worker disables the power, the fences are denied of electricity and therefore are rendered useless. The few people who were invited to the theme park to inspect it are in danger and they have to find a way of getting off of the island. In the scene being analysed, the tour has stopped due to lack of electricity and has put the children and adults into the lion’s den- well near it anyway. As the car stops near the fence of the enclosed Tyrannosaurus Rex, the audience watch transfixed as the frightened Genaro abandons the helpless children. They are left tense until first meeting the T-Rex and see it as it breaks the 10,000 volt fence, and takes an interest in the car which conceals Lex and Tim. With their lives in danger the children need to find a way to escape their dangerous confine before they get flattened in their vehicle. The opening long shot is of an innocent kid, gently bleating, not knowing the ferocious end it is going to meet; the audience know and understand the purpose of the goat- that it is to feed the dinosaur.
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