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[pic] Read the analysis of the story and point to its good sides and its drawbacks. What would you change? What would you add? THREE PEOPLE AND TWO SEATS Kevin Major The profession of teacher is very important in our life. Children are taught everything at school, not only sciences. Their characters are very much influenced at school. So when a person decides to be a teacher, he usually wants to pass knowledge, to in personality forming, to contribute good to society. Students studying pedagogic are full of plans and ideas, but when they come to school, face up first failures, they understand that something is wrong, they got cracked and flee the profession. So, this theme of being a teacher is the basis for the story “Three People and Two Seats” written by Kevin Major, who is a former teacher himself. While teaching seventh- and eighth-grade science and English in the small town of Robert's Arm he developed an interest in writing especially about his homeland Newfoundland, which is reflected in the story through geographical names. Besides, all of his works concern teenagers and he does not change the habit in the story “Three People and Two Seats”. The title foreshadows the events of the story somehow, the reader understands that some person will not have a seat and this will be a problem. Yes, the title orients us towards the key moment, but we do not think the problem would be so deep, we do not expect any inner conflicts. But the reality is different. A young teacher needs some rest after only two months of work, he escapes from the school so to say and he does not get a seat in the bus unfortunately. Two young boys offer him to join them. The boys are noisy, the teacher can not decide how to behave, he regrets his confession that he is a teacher. Boys cannot believe that, the rest of the trip passes in silence. The boys go

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