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AnyProfessor, Martin A. Schwartz, in his narrative essay, “The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research,” recounts his realization that prolific ignorance is essential for scientific progress. (¶5) After reading this article I couldn’t comprehend why the word “Stupidity” (Schwartz, 2008, ¶6, 7) is used in the title as well as within the essay. Schwartz declares that productive stupidity is beneficial to scientific progress. The very definition of stupidity did not tie into the meaning of the article. To be stupid is to not have any common sense, or being unable to think clear thoughts. Reading through this personal essay, Professor Schwartz uses a word which works better as to what he is relating. The term is ignorance. (Schwartz, 2008, ¶5) This word makes more sense. Finding out the “why” about the world and questioning everything is what science is all about. If someone doesn’t feel ignorant about all the un-answered questions in the universe, then their ability of being a scientist would not be all that good. Ignorance doesn’t mean you are “stupid “, it means that you don’t have an understanding of whatever it is you are trying to find the answer to . Several of the greatest scientific breakthroughs must have had ignorance factored into them. Benjamin Franklin flew a kite into the stormy sky and received a powerful shock. By this he discovered electricity. After realizing this phenomenon, more questions and lack of understanding arose for Franklin and other scientists. If Franklin stopped and decided not to investigate further, the progression of understanding electricity would come to rest. Without ignorance and research this force would not be known today. Schwartz (2008) says “Once I faced that fact, I solved the problem in a couple of days. (It wasn't really very hard; I just had to try a few things.) The crucial lesson was that the scope of

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