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Hawa F. Conteh December 3, 2012 Ms. Mahool Paper #2 Tookie’s 180 Turn Around Stanley “Tookie” Williams along with Raymond Washington in December of 1969 formed the Crip gang. In the documentary, American Gangster the Crips were created as a mission to protect young boys from other gangs in South Central. The Crips are the first gang ever to spread outside of South Central, California and into different counties of California. Tookie Williams idolized the notorious Al Capone and wanted to be just like him after watching a movie about Al Capone’s life. Young boys in California used the Crips as an expression of the pain that they felt. These boys feel like violence is the only way to get their anger and rage out. Raymond Washington was convicted and Tookie now became the King of Crips. Gang violence had increased; 70 people had died in 1964 because of it. Tookie was shot in both legs in a drive by, Tookie getting shot started basically a civil war in South Central. Stanley used certain drugs like Sherm, as steroids to pursue his body building career. Sherm is a “blunt” or a “joint” dipped in phencyclidine (PCP) and allowed to dry. Stanley was also depressed. Bonnie, Tookie’s wife, ended up having a baby and was ready to give up her crip life for the sake of her son, but Stanley denied the request. Tookie Williams was arrested for four murders in 1979 and plead not guilty, it was impossible for him to function in court being that he had no access to drugs. Tookie was accused of making an escape plan during trail but his cellmate claims that the plans and the notes were forged. Tookie was sentence to death on April 15th, 1981 at 27 years old. Ray Washington was shot to death as soon as exiting prison, and in a blink of an eye two of the strongest crips were now gone. Tookie Williams was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize but this did not save him from execution
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