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Business models: Corportae governane and acc. What is regulatory and compliance, internal business judgmental Compliance (Mandatiry obligation) 4 different parts Definition of accountin, the types of it Accounting by management( should know which part of what part of ) Regimes for accounting, policies, case law code law (for Europe) case for usa, Europe is stakeholder, usa shareholder. Single financial payment Regulation financial acc risk management Valuation impact(11) Internationalization, globalization, markets players, Cross border business, cross border investments etc( 2 näidet) IFRS(internal external addressees, information mandatory, communication public, dialogue etc. Business model definition(adds value, to all stakeholders) Difference Business model, business plans,business case Business model logic of creation, business plan is the all process, business case the investment Business model (concept,process,benefit) Economic sectors Marget segment(b2b,G2C etc) B2Cexample, Psychographic isl ifetstyle, behavior nerds know a lot about computers, geoprahic postal codes, Business synergies. Add on example, if you buy a software and have to upgrade it. Trash to cash- recycle 2: Not all firms have incentives to produce numbers because the economic condition is notwell, the quality of numbers. That’s why financial reporting is regulated. IFR’s (IRSB vms) makes the rules. Markets getting increasingly globalized, that’s why are international standards. Financial reports are standardized, because made under certain rules. Financial acc strategies( Cookie jar accounting(save for rainy day), Big bath accounting(negative impact on profits, New ceo says previous sucked), life cycle accounting( aka smoothing, might be a small increase each year), signaling(use accounting system for analyzation. Provide not all inf. 3: 4:

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