Anabolic Steroids In Baseball

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Even though more than fifty-percent of baseball players have used anabolic steroids in their baseball careers. I believe steroids should be banned from baseball because it diminishes respect from the game, they set a bad example for our future, and they do long term damage to the body for short term gain. Steroids mimic muscle tissues growth and bulk up in response to training by mimicking the effect of naturally produced testosterone on the body. Anabolic steroids can remain in the body anywhere from a couple of days to about a year. Steroids have become popular because they may improve endurance, strength, and muscle mass but, research has not shown that steroids improve skill, agility, or athletic performance like people think they do. Baseball is a tough sport and I understand why major league players use steroids. Its gives them the ability to be stronger and to stay in the game longer and get more money in their career. Even though steroids gives the…show more content…
It's a game, you get paid, it's not little league or high school baseball. You have to have skill to play in the major leagues and if you have to take steroids to be in that position then you aren't good enough to be playing in the major leagues. Go get a job and work like a regular person. Suck it up and you either train harder when you were a kid or don't play at

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