An Unnecessary War Essay

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In this world have many wars happen. Maybe you can remember Iraq - U.S. War. This war’s made trouble to the world. The beginning of this war was from many arguments, reasons such as; Iraq has Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD), nukes and handoff the WMD, nukes to al Qaeda for destroy U.S., Iraq use of chemical weapons and also about character and behavior of Saddam Hussein who was leader of Iraq. These reasons made U.S. determine to use preventive war stop Iraq but in fact, was only Saddam a threat to world peace? Or was U.S. do the mistakes in prevent war? And was this war really happens from need of human. That is the questions which needs the true answer. Then we should analyze arguments and reasons in deeply for find the right way in this case. First, the argument about reckless and become to a serial aggressor of Saddam Hussein, U.S. claim and assumption about Saddam behavior that ferocious and barbaric by his basic biography but actually, in the Iraq – Iran war, 1980-1988. Saddam gave the water way in Iraq to Iran exchange for stop aggressed from Iran but Iran did not stop and the war still happen. So when Iran had revolution that made Iraq has a chance to success conquer the territory between Iraq and Iran, not all of Iran. From this behavior, it is so far from the word “reckless” that U.S. claim because if Saddam really reckless, he will still fight and also did not give the water way to Iran in simple way like that. Or in The Gulf war,1900-1991. The primary cause of this war is maybe from U.S. and also Kuwait because before this war happen, Iraq tried using diplomacy to borrow the money from Kuwait but unsuccessful that made Saddam feel angry because in the past Saddam used to help Kuwait but at that time Kuwait did not help Saddam and his country. And U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie told Saddam, “We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab

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