An Uninvited Guest (My Igcse Essay)

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Chapter I Uninvited Guest Life was hard, but I would choose to live my life this way rather than any other ways. The old ways were painful and this way was hopeless. I could not bear to face the fact that was happening. The fact that my grandma had died and that he was no longer in my world. The fact that I was alone. I did not have the strength to win a war over myself. And I did not have a clue on how was I suppose to live my life when all I could wish for was hope; however, hope seemed rather hopeless itself for me. I did not have the urge to look up and answer my grandma’s death. All I could ever do was stared down at my pale left-hand; admiring my fourth finger, thin and elegant, where this magical ring rested itself for the past ten years. I could feel a cold, sensational hand on my shoulder. The sensation I longed for. This touch I would never forget. I both hated and loved that I could still remember this touch. The touch that had made my heart jumped out of my chest, my blooding boiling to bubbles and my lust for this man. I wanted to look up. But I might as well disappoint myself again with my illusions. Ever since he left, I had have visions of his return, of his touch and of his care for me, which I really wished it would all happen but it never did. I had to look up. I had to find out. A sudden rush of blood ran through my veins. It was cold and frozen and I expected it to be. I hated what I was seeing and yet I could feel an overwhelm of sorrow flooding my heart. I should not have look up amongst these crowds, I hated to feel the curious eyes upon me. I hated to know that people only came to this funeral because they pitied me. I did not need that. I did not want it- I looked away. Away from those adorable eyes. He seated himself beside me. I really wished he could feel what I was feeling. A terrified and horrible feeling. An emotion that

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