An Unexpected Neglect Essay

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An Unexpected Neglect The fifteenth of May was a warm Tuesday. This day forever changed the life of José Blondet. A young twenty-five year old employee of Capitol Security Police, Inc.. A company dedicated to armoured trucks, and the pick-up of valuables. José did not imagine that he would never be the same after that day. It was a very busy, and hot day. But nothing kept him from working hard. The young man got up like every other day, and left for work as usual. Once at the work site he started preparing the armoured truck, and his personal equipment. At eight o’clock am José started his route towards Bayamon, to begin the pick-ups and deliveries art different banks. Everything was going according to schedule and there were no problems. It was around twelve-thirty in the afternoon when José went towards road 167 in Levitown There he made some pick-ups and deliveries at different businesses. He w as tired and decided to lunch. After lunch he made several other stops. His last stop was the bank to make the deposits. At the First Bank branch in Rio Hondo José wasted no time in getting of the truck. There he observed all the safety procedures and noticed nothing strange. He quickly went towards the en- trance at ten steps from the truck. In a flash there was a masked man with a gun. Immediately the robber hit José several times in the head, and left him unconscious. The masked gunman made of with the deposits. José was on the ground for several minutes. His partner, the driver, called the police and 911. When the police arrived they waited to question him. Then he was taken to the hospital. There he was found to have injuries to his head, back, and neck. Though very lucky to be alive. In conclusion he realized that no matter how prepared you are for an emergency you never know how you are going

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