An Unabashedshopaholic Essay

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The biggest thing that I worry about everyday is, “What should I wear tomorrow?” Still, I am pretty sure that it is not just me who worries about such a trite mater as what one wears everyday. Since it is certainly an everyday concernfor many people, I will boldly declare that I like to go shopping like other girls. When the worry about what to wear gets bigger and bigger, my desire to go shopping grows in like proportion. When I reach the end of my patience, and I think that I cannot wait a minute longer to shop, I just go shopping. Having given license to my need to shop and with the concomitant needs of time and wherewithal compliant, I am excited all day long with the unavoidable prospect. On the way to shop, my right foot starts to accelerate just as the speed thatmy car flew through the streetsto get to the mall. With an unfetteredmind trained only on the perfect staple or accessory, I drive and look around the close-packed parking lot to find a good spot to park. Ihave found that I can get a good parking spot near the entrance of the mall if I drive around the parking lot a couple of times. After parking my car, my focused mind gets takes on anx-rayprecisionright before I enter the mall. As I push the weighty door of the mall and enter, it seems the mall welcomes me with the embracing arms of its own unique atmosphere of fragrance and the bustle, chatter and laughter of people. I plan the most efficient route that I can shop the mall effectively, so that there aren’t many wasted steps before I am stepping into the first store that I like.As I enter this first store, it is worthy to say that my heart and mind are both at a fevered pitch. There are employees who always welcome me with smiles as they rearrange all the messy clothes and I smile back to them; indeed, were they waiting for me? I usually do not look at the clothes near the entrance because the

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