An Overview Of "Waiting For Superman"

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Deneen Finner-Erby Educational Psychology 203 March 12, 2011 An overview of “Waiting for Superman” While watching the documentary film “Waiting for Superman” I experienced a number of emotions. The film was both informative and interesting. Especially the five parent/child combinations, it was definitely representative of (what I would like to think) most parents in this nation dreams. Each of them wants a well-needed, well-deserved, quality education for their child and or children. As I viewed the film, I realized that there are no incentives for “good” or “effective” teachers and no consequences for “bad” or “ineffective” teachers. I also learned about tenured teachers (a form of job security for teachers). A parents’ responsibility to their child/children is or should be to provide them with the proper tools, such as, love, a safe, sound home, support, guidance, encouragement etc… to become productive members of society. A teachers’ job (especially in early childhood and elementary) is not that much different from a parents. Parents and teachers need to work closely with one another for the benefit of the child/children. I researched even more and found that, in some places, community businesses and organizations work together with schools to help with students. In some cases, students get hands-on experiences that help them to understand what is expected of them when they are done with the education process. I needed tissue and some of my classmates did too. “Waiting for Superman” was sad and at times, made me feel hopeless. How can a country that is known as, (either one of or) “The Most Powerful Country in the World” have a failing school system? This seems impossible. Priorities are not in order. This country has so many billions of dollars for war but our children, our most valuable assets, are not on the top of the lists of priorities.

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