An Ordinary Mother Essay

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This short story talks about an ordinary mother who was extraordinary, she took things to the next level. She had creative thinking. For example, creating sculptures out of the 60-foot crane and selling them. If some stranger left a 60-foot crane in my backyard I would probably faint and then file a complaint at the police station, but this lady was a little too calm about the whole situation. Katrina wakes up one morning and finds a 60- foot crane in her back yard. Her first step was to complain about it but when she called the sanitation department they refused to come around and pick it up. Not like the rest of the mothers Katrina wasn’t going to just sit down and let a tall crane sit in her backyard she was going to do something about it. Katrina went out and bought a big wrench and started tearing it apart one by one. She took a bolt out and took it to her basement. The neighbors peered out the windows and were quite surprised. Katrina finally decided to do something about the crane, every night she would go in her backyard and hide the parts of the crane in her basement. If I was in her place I would never have the courage to climb up the crane and take it apart because I’m afraid of heights, and plus I don’t have the time to tear things apart id rather sit there and just wait for somebody to steal it or come claim it. Katrina decided to hide them; every night she would do the same thing take parts of the crane to form a really unique sculpture. A thought like that would never have arrived to me. I guess that’s why they call her an ordinary mother. After Katrina decided to make money off her sculptures. She decided to paint each of them a different color to make them stand out more to the public. Sooner then later the extraordinary sculptures caught the eye of a neighbor, she was interested in buying them. The sculptures became very famous in the community.

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