An Ongoing Struggle Essay

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An Ongoing Struggle Amy Padgett ETH/125 Sunday April 14, 2013 Ganella Taylor African-Americans have a history of slavery starting in Africa when their own people sold them to the European slave traders. These slaves that were sold were prisoners of wars between the tribes. Once in other countries like America, they were treated as sub-human, with little to no dignity. They had no rights as human being, and they were at the whims of their “masters”. In addition, according to "Fugitive Slave Act Of 1850" (2013), “The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 mandated that states to which escaped slaves fled were obligated to return them to their masters upon their discovery and subjected persons who helped runaway slaves to criminal sanctions. Northern reaction against the Fugitive Slave Act was strong, and many states enacted laws that nullified its effect, making it worthless. In cases where the law was enforced, threats or acts of mob violence often required the dispatch of federal troops. Persons convicted of violating the act were often heavily fined, imprisoned, or both. The refusal of northern states to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act was alleged by South Carolina as one reason for its secession from the Union prior to the onset of the Civil War. The acts of 1793 and 1850 remained legally operative until their repeal by Congress on June 28, 1864” ("Fugitive Slave Act Of 1850", 2013). Slavery was officially ended when Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862, which went into official effect on January 1, 1863 ("Emancipation Proclamation", 1996-2013). However, African –Americans were not treated any better. Groups such as the KKK sprung up, in order to “keep the negroes in their place”. They were still seen as sub-human and beneath white people. They were harassed, tormented, beaten, and in some cases murdered. Even

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