An Obituary for Elizzabeth I Essay

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An Obituary for Elizabeth I Elizabeth I was born at Greenwich Palace in London on September 7, 1533. Her parents, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, wanted a son as successor and were not pleased with the birth of a daughter. She became a queen 1603 and got buried on the 28th April. Elizabeth’s reign, it was likely that she would marry and the question aged to whom. She never did, although she received many offers of marriage-the reasons for this are not clear. She considered several suitors until she was about fifty. I think she never married because she wanted to keep her powers but if she married her husband would be more powerful than her. She was also more powerful ruling the country on her own. Elizabeth was very hash with religious extremists, she developed the Church of England as a middle way, and she also allowed Catholic and Protestant forms of worship. However later on in her reign she became frightened of the Catholics and especially her cousin Mary Queen of Scots who was Catholic. The King of Spain was Catholic and was friendly with Mary Queen of Scots. The Spanish Armada left Lisbon in May 1588, but soon ran into storm and supplies were lost. The English fleet, led by Lord Howard and Sir Francis Drake, attacked the Armada on 21st July near Plymouth. Elizabeth was intelligent, she always thought ahead, for example in the Spanish Armada, (the ship) she got fleet ready to fight, and she created an alliance with the Netherlands. Elizabeth experienced imprisonment in the Tower of London during her Catholic sister Mary I's reign, in the aftermath of the Wyatt rebellion, suspected of having fore knowledge of and involvement in the rising. She was held there for two months the shadow of the axe hung suspended over her and she was deeply afraid for her life. Her mother, Anne Boleyn had been executed in the Tower and the memorable spirit of her fate

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