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An Inventory Caesarea Maritima Collection, Box 4 Essay

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  • on May 24, 2011
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In the study of Anthropology, the study of physical human remains is often the most

explicit form of evidence – and often the most telling. The wealth of information that can be

amassed from the study of human bone can be overwhelming. Information on every subject

from diet and health to socio-political stratification can be culled from the bones of an ancient

population, and has applications over many fields of study. This inventory study of “Box 4” of

the Caesarea site barely scratches the surface of such research, but provides a starting point for

those interested in deeper examination of the population.

Box 4 held thirteen individual gallon-sized baggies filled with bone and dirt, as well as

three separate, individual bones taken from the 1980 field season at Caesarea. Of the thirteen

bags, two burial clusters and one burial were represented, and labeled as follows: C80 B. Conc.

13, C80 B. Conc. 14, and C80 B68. Each bone concentration was broken down into groups

according to how the excavators and cataloguers labeled the individual bags. I have kept the

groupings together according to the labels, and broken down the contents of each further for

better organization and to ease individual bone location for future identification and study.

C80 – B. Conc. 13

Five bags and two individual bones were given the simple label of “B. Conc. 13.” Each

of the bones is labeled and the five bags have been assigned a number, 1 through 5.

Individual Bones

Two individual (loose) bones were labeled only “B. Conc. 13.” They were a right tibia

and a right femur, both of which were missing their proximal ends. The bones were clean and

solid, creamy and firm in texture with very little damage but for that to the proximal ends.

Minimum number of individuals is one each, but given their consistent color and texture, they

can be presumed to be from the same individual.

C80 B. Conc. 13 Bag 1

Bag 1...

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