An Interview with My Son

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Our Dating Similarities, An Interview With My Son This was an assignment to conduct an interview with my son discussing how dating practices changed from my generation to my son’s generation. I interviewed my son Joseph to get his perspective on his real life dating experiences. My son is 22 years old and was born and raised in Smithtown, NY a small town approximately 40 miles east of New York City and has since moved to Naples, FL with his girlfriend and his beautiful baby boy, For my interview, I asked my son questions about his dating practices and experiences, therefore my interview will explore not only my son’s experiences and practices but allow me the opportunity to provide my personal dating experiences and practices. During the course of our interview, I asked him, several questions regarding what was the most difficult part of dating during his high school years, the way or his style of meeting new people, the impact of how social media and texting played a role in finding someone to date and including his overall opinion on dating in general. The first question I asked my son was what was the most difficult part of dating during high school? His first response to the question and a response that he repeatedly stressed throughout the interview, was having enough courage to walk up to the person he would like to talk with and being able to start an intelligent conversation. My son told me a personal story about the first time he could remember approaching a girl in the school’s cafeteria and trying desperately to start a conversation with her and how terribly wrong it went. He went on to say when he first approached this girl he became tongue tied and basically started to babble, Needless to say this did not go well at all. The second question I asked my son was what was his style of meeting new people and where did he meet these people.

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