An Interview With John Chervinsky Essay

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John Chervinsky is a scientist. His days consist of running a particle accelerator and, when possible, taking a couple of photos. He never planned to be a photographer, or to have one man shows. His work was an exploration, and a camera was his tool. One day, he saw the work of photographer-friend John Pfhal. Pfhal(pronounced Fall) created a series of “altered landscapes” where he used rope and string to create illusions of shape and dimension within landscapes. Mr. Chervinsky became fascinated with the possibility of using illusion in photos, and set up his own mini studio. The setup consisted of two black chalkboards, intersecting at 90 degrees, and basic lights, in his office. Using chalk, he created basic versions of what would later evolve into his series “Experiments in Perspective.” The process of making one image lasts over a month. He place the objects in his first composition, and while working at other things, he has the opportunity to ruminate over and improve it. His pieces are specifically not expressions of himself, his emotions may cloud the idea, and add something unnecessary to the composition. “ I have strident opinions, I stay away from those. I try to create tensions within the work. When someone writes a screenplay, they express tensions by having characters being different. I like to think of ways to express those tensions.” When he first started the project, there were a lot of thing going on in his personal life. He had lost a very close friend, and his wife had became very ill. It was also around 9/11. Life and death issues were prevalent on the mind of america, as well as in my own life. Its never a bad thing to explore universal ideas, even when you don’t know much about philosophy from an academic viewpoint. Much of his artistic improvement has been through portfolio review groups, like Photolucida. They review

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