An Interview On Censors Essay

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With the new elected government claiming 'transition to democracy', the words 'democracy and newspaper', 'the role of daily newspaper, 'journalists and politics' takes up on the local paper's front pages. With experience of only-weekly in nearly five-decades, daily newspaper sounds challenging far more than we expect. When the question of 'Are we ready?' raise, then some says 'Yes' while some response with 'honest doubt'. As a whole industry, there's still needs and preparation_ sources say. U Khin Maung Lay who is known as Pho Thauk Kyar_ a former journalist and Chief Executive Editor of Favourite news said the new government need to set a rule for daily. "They say democracy but disciplined democracy. It means there are still some boundaries. If we go for daily, we have to go within it. What is the meaning of 'disciplined? There's a rule for that and we do not have it". said 78-years old U Khin Maung Lay got Best News Writing in 1956 _awarded by Burma Reporters Association. U Ko Ko, chairman of Yangon Media Group and publisher of Yangon Times said 'only one-third' of the whole industry was in the position for daily'. "Overall, I see three groups. First group _ hard-working, qualified, and knows how much the role of newspapers is important. Second wants to be good journalists but they still need proper training and skills. Third group come here for a salary_ working as office jobs. When we go for daily, we have to leave the third behind". Whether those who claim 'readiness' are really ready or not remain the question, U Ko Ko said. "Every body would say ready and go for daily if they are allowed. But only those who are really ready will remain in the field while

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