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An Inspirational Individual My mother is a very inspiring person to me, after being married for thirty five years, that in itself in this day and age is a feat. At age fifty-six she achieved her bachelor’s degree in business after starting college in 1973.My mom raised two daughters; one is a nurse with an eight year old son. The younger daughter is a homemaker who has three young boys ages six, one, and four weeks. My mother’s courage and fortitude has inspired me at age thirty-two to return to school to further my education. In February of 2011 she was diagnosed with stage three invasive lobular carcinoma breast cancer. I thought my heart would break. My mom, my hero, my best-friend in the whole world had cancer. It felt as if the walls in that doctor’s office that day were crumbling around us. The doctor gave all the treatment options available to my mother and she and I made the decision for the most radical treatment option, a double mastectomy. The doctor at the appointment did not give my mom a clear prognosis at this time. On the way home that day we discussed all the possible things that could happen during surgery, radiation, and chemo: nausea, vomiting, hair loss. I told my mom if it made her feel better that I would shave all my hair off too if hers fell out, and through tears we both laughed, but I was absolutely serious. In March my mom underwent a double mastectomy, and we later found out that the cancer was in both breasts, not just in the one as originally thought. Chemotherapy was started immediately. At her first chemo treatment, being a nurse, I watched the chemo nurses like a hawk. They started the first of five total bags of chemo intravenous medications she will be receiving at each treatment, not including all the other bags of medications that they will have to give her to counteract any reactions. As we sat for the next five

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