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An Inspector Calls: Mrs Birling Essay

  • Submitted by: Maiakaps
  • on May 20, 2014
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Mrs Sybil Birling, the mother of Sheila and Eric and wife of Mr. Arthur Birling,   is described at the start as "about fifty, a rather cold woman and her husband's social superior.". Sybil is, like her husband, a woman of some public influecnce and sitting on charity organization. Furthermore she   is a very selfish person who only can think of her and her family, she is also an arrogant heartless snob and very patronising. “I’m sorry she should have come to such a horrible end”. Here” she is talking about Eva Smith ,the girl that committed suicide, she is being sympathetic towards Eva smith ,but she is saying sarcastically .This shows us that she is not upset about Eva’s death at all.Mrs Birling is also very hypocritical because she never admits her own mistakes ,and she would never let any blame fall on her family. When Mrs Birling found out that the father of Eva smith’s baby was her own son Eric. She was in total denial, she wouldn’t believe that her son could do this, but before Mrs Birling found out she was blaming the father of the child. “I blame the young man who was the father of the child she was going to have”. This makes the reader feels a bit sympathetic towards her, When she knows about Eric she doesn’t blame him, instead she blames Eva. Over all this tells us that Mrs Birling is extremely heartless and a selfish snob and is very self centred and only thinks of her self and her family.

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