An Inspector Calls (Characters Studies) Essay

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An Inspector Calls Character Studies Inspector Goole: It’s a false inspector therefore we don’t know his true name, not much to say. Goole has a physic that imposes respect and authority, however he doesn’t cause fear, and it’s always in calm and never looses his patience. His importance on the play is really important he is the person who discovers all the skeletons which the Birling’s had and also make they think about how false and arrogant they are. The inspector represents a judge for them, he makes the Birlings to realize how bad they were and also he kind of punishes them. His language is always a formal and has a paused speech, however he know when to make him notice like when the Birlings loose their patience. Mr Birling: As the play says he is a “heavy-looking, rather portentous man in his middle fifties” he is like the authority in the Birling family as well as the role model for them. He is a middle-high status man; however he wants to have more and more status. Birling is specially arrogant and selfish, he only wants money and doesn’t cares about the other. In the play he represents the capitalism and the high-class. His language is usually formal, however he looses control quite fast and due to it his language gets more informal in certain situations with the Goole inspector. Mrs Birling: Birling is an incredible hypocrite person, even though is the boss of a charitable company; she shows herself as she really is when he speaks about the titanic and also by not assuming his responsibility in Eva’s death which also represents his unfeeling. Also Sybil doesn’t tries to understand what Goole is saying she is constantly refusing what the inspector says. As well, his public appearance is considerable due to his work in the charitable company. His language despite Mr Birling is more informal this is because his lower condition class

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