An Inspector Calls Essay

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Im shattered today. It was another hard day at the Works. The weather's getting worse and the prospect of a pay rise is the only thing keeping me going, at the moment. However, I'm not that optimistic of achieving it. Birling is an ignorant, obstinate, old fool and is adamant on widening the gap between rich and poor. Tomorrow's the day he's going to discuss our offer. It's a lost cause. I've always fought for what I believe in but know I'm beginning to wonder what the point is. This job is the only thing I've got and I can't afford to lose it. People nowadays don't take kindly to single girls who are unemployed and have no prospects . Talked to Mr Birling, but he told us that he could not raise the pay because it was his duty to keep labour cost down. If we didn't like the rates we could go work somewhere else. "It's a free country" he said. Course it's a free country but "Who would allow us to work some place else?" is the question. I'm so angry with that man. If only somebody would teach him a lesson he would never have to forget in his life. There was a sign up at Milwards today saying they were looking for an employee. This is the first sign that has been up since September. I went up to it making sure that I wasn't having eye problems and before I knew it I was inside the building. I was so excited I didn't even know when I got into the building. Well, I spoke to the assistant there. a rather middle-sized lady - who led me into a hall filled with other people. At first I was really nervous because all I could think was that one of those people were going to get the place not me. After the interview we were all asked to wait there for almost an hour until one of the ladies came in and told us who they felt the job was for and she pointed to me, I was so happy. first day at Milwards was exciting. It was very good. it

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