An Inspector Calls Essay

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AN INSPECTOR CALLS SAMPLE CONTEXT QUESTIONS Remember you only have 20 minutes to read and respond to this question; it requires a short answer of no more than 4/5 paragraphs. If the question is split into two, as it often is for FOUNDATION tier questions, then it may only require two shortish paragraphs. Sample Question 1 Read the extract ‘Inspector (sternly) I warn you… up to the end of Act 1 [pages 47-49] FOUNDATION TIER QUESTION i. What do you think of the way Mrs Birling behaves here? ii. What do you think of the way the Inspector behaves here? SAMPLE ANSWER i. What do you think of the way Mrs Birling behaves here? i. Mrs Birling is digging herself and Eric deeper into a hole here and both the inspector and the audience know it. Mrs Birling is justifying her refusal to give Eva Smith money from her charity, claiming high moral principles by refusing the girl because she has lied. Mrs Birling is harsh and unforgiving and has no regrets about turning the girl down, saying, ironically: ‘you’re quite wrong to suppose I shall regret what I did’. She is judgemental of both the girl and the young man and is quick to condemn their actions. Mrs Birling plays into the Inspector’s hands by laying blame firstly on the girl herself but then, when the Inspector presses her, on the young man who had made her pregnant. Although Sheila realises what is happening, Mrs Birling does not heed her warnings, showing a typical mixture of arrogance and naivety and calling Sheila a ‘hysterical child’. Mrs Birling lacks Sheila’s perceptiveness and is said to speak ‘triumphantly’ when the Inspector says he is waiting to do his duty. It is only near the end of the extract that she finally realises who the Inspector is waiting for. Priestley describes her as ‘understanding now’ and when she finally realises the implication of what she has said she

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