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Millie Johns, 10ACO 2nd November 2008 “An Inspector Calls” By J.B Priestley The play ‘An Inspector Calls’ is all about investigating a girl’s awful death. The mysterious inspector strips away information from the characters to make them realise that they have all played a part in this harmless girl’s life. The play is set in an industrial town in the North Midlands in Brumley. Written after World War Two there is very much the aspect of class. This is a very big part of the play. It is set in the year 1912 which is before World War One and in the same year that the very well known Titanic sank. The Birling family are all very upper class people who turn their noses up at people most of the time. They believe only in one thing and that is money and wealth. The Birling family is made up of five people including Sheila’s fiancé Gerald. He is a high earning man who mainly married into the family for money and for his business interests. Throughout the plays he commits the sin of having a mistress who he could discard at will. This shows how he felt towards the lower classes. Mr Birling thinks he knows it all and in act one he talks to Gerald about the Titanic which, he swears on his life, will never sink. His character in the play uses a lot off dramatic irony. Mr Birling uses cheap labour and even though he has a lot of money himself he will not spare any for the lower classes! His wife Mrs Birling is a very lively and plump woman although she never gives anything away. In the play Mrs Birling is very arrogant. Sheila she is a very nice young lady she loves to look good and always wants people’s attention focussed on her. In the play she fires Eva out off spite and jealousy. Finally there is Eric, he suffers from a heavy drink problem and I feel that this is the only way he can forget about his life at home. I think he feels that he always has

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