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An Inspector Calls By J.B Priestley The play An inspector calls by J.B Priestley is a novel based on an inspector bringing out all of the characters' “dirty” conscious to try to make them realise they have been going through life the wrong way and it’s not the way to live. He is very intelligent in his ways of interrogating by making them all unload their conscious all by themselves, he pulls this off by talking about a girl that all of the characters supposedly had a connection with and because of her, had consequently acted in a way that was somehow “immoral” as Birling didn't care that Eva Smith was dead, Sheila had a woman dismissed from her job due to her being jealous of her and Eric that thieved money from his fathers business. Birling throughout the play/novel of “An inspector calls” plays the role of a man that could only be described as moral-less. At the beginning of the play Birling was overwhelmed due to the fact that his daughter was getting married to Gerald Croft, of Crofts Limited, purely for the reason that it is a prime business opportunity for them to combine companies and “work together for lower costs and higher prices”. Birling’s ignorance is carried out even when he discovers about the unfortunate suicide of one Eva Smith, by not showing any emotion or sympathy for her death. Also for not for a second accepting any sort of responsibility that he may have contributed to her death. From all this selfishness it has become apparent that Birling has very few morals, if not none at all. Sheila plays a massive role in the play as almost being the only one that had a care in the world for Eva smith and her death as she thought it was a “rotten shame”. Sheila was the only one that had enough common sense to believe her father’s actions towards Eva Smith by dismissing her from her job was immoral, as “these girls aren’t just cheap labour –

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