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An Inspector Calls “An Inspector Calls” written by J.B. Priestley is a fictional play. “An Inspector Calls” has a central concern, the notion of responsibility within society. J.B. Priestly uses plot and characters to convey this to the audience. The play is about an inspector called Inspector Goole who arrives at an engagement dinner party for Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft and his questioning of the people attending it on the death of a woman .The inspector shows each person at the engagement party a picture of the woman and it turns out that they have all been involved with her in some way and have contributed to the suicide. When the inspector leaves the house, the father of Sheila Birling calls the police station and asks if they have an inspector by the name of Inspector Goole and they don’t. Gerald then calls the hospital to check if they have received a dead woman whose death has arisen from suicide and they had not. The hospital phone back and reveal that they have just received a female who had attempted suicide and that the Gerald were supposedly involved in Eva Smith’s/Daisy Renton’s death. Mr Burling was first to be questioned by Inspector Goole. It transpires that Mr Burling sacked Eva Smith/Daisy Renton because she was starting trouble and had asked for a pay rise. After Mr Burling is questioned, his daughter Shiela is shown a photograph of the dead woman. As soon as Shiela sees the photograph, the inspector notices that she looks upset and thinks this is due to her recognising the woman in the photograph. Shiela admits that she was once served by the woman in Milward’s where she worked and that she had complained to the manager and requested that they get rid of her because she thought Eva Smith/Daisy Renton had laughed at her when she was trying a dress on and it didn’t suit her. No one knew the name of the dead woman

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