An Informal Letter

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REVIEW ACTIVITY 1. A sale on electrical appliances, furniture’s for the home and office, and stereo equipment begins this Friday. 2. To escape the stresses of everyday life, people rely upon watching television, reading books, and cooking in the kitchen. 3. The keys to improving grades are to take effective notes in class, to plan study time, and to prepare carefully for exams. 4. Qualities that important in friendship are a sense of humor, being kind, and dependable. 5. My three favorite jobs were veterinary assistant, gardener, and sale associate. 6. Housekeeping shortcuts will help you do a fast job of doing laundry, cleaning rooms, and dishes on the table. A LETTER TO MARIAN 64 Bettenson Street Red Deer AB.T4R 1J6 June 4, 2014 Dear Marian, I know that you are badly hurt and worried about the personal problems, from what you told me. But if you think about it, quitting or failing school would be the worst thing to do. You have to finish college if you want to live independently. That’s why sometimes Marian, you have to hang tough. You should ask yourself, what do you do while you are trying to live through a busy time like this? Ask yourself honestly if you are actually exaggerating small problems as an excuse to avoid classes and studying as well. It takes strength to admit it, but there

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