An Individual's Perspective of Success Essay

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The true definition of the word "Success" is one that has been heavily debated over the centuries by philosophers, existentialists, theorists and many other groups of free thinkers alike. Despite the many volumes of texts and manuscripts devoted to the subject, a simple unanimous definition that clearly exemplifies the state of success which satisfies all of humankind still eludes us. Perhaps we get lost in the sea of options to perfectly define success and miss the point altogether. One could assume that if a state of success is attained by an individual, then he or she will also invariably reach a state of happiness. By this logic we can equate the pursuit of success to the pursuit of happiness. The well known phrase in the U.S. Declaration of Independence "Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness" probably says it best. The true road to a suitable definition of success relies not so much in the general consensus of its meaning but rather in what it takes to make an individual happy. In today's consumerist society, the average American has one of the highest rates of consumption in the world. In a 2008 New York Times article titled "Americans as Addicts of Consumerism" it was reported that Americans although forming only five percent of the world's population regularly consume more than one quarter of the world's energy. The other statistics on the consumption of meat, electronics, clothing and non-recyclable goods were also equally alarming. This data reflects on the average American culture as one with an insatiable thirst for material goods and fulfillment of the "status quo”. "The word “Insatiable” could imply that true satisfaction or happiness is never truly achieved unless accompanied by the house, car, trip and lavish goods bought by society wanting to belong in some kind of group. It is not unreasonable to assume that the average American

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