An Inconvenient Truth Essay

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Former vice president Al Gore had made the documentary An Inconvenient Truth in 2006 about his concerns on global warming. After leaving public office he has become a passionate supporter for small and large changes in our laws and lifestyles that can help ease this crisis. Gore has been traveling the world, standing before audiences in all sizes trying to persuade them to reduce global warming. Lets look into how Gore persuades his audience like us to his point of view that global warming is a national disaster and it is a major deal where we should start reacting. Gore persuades his audience by showing credibility when he explained what global warming is. He showed this when he said global warming is the solar radiation in the form of light waves that passes through the atmosphere; most of this radiation is absorbed by the earth and warms it. Some energy is radiated back into space by earth in the form of infrared waves. Some of this outgoing infrared radiation is trapped by the earth atmosphere and warms it. It’s a good thing because it keeps the weather normal, calm and livable but the problem is that that thin layer of atmosphere is being thickened. His documentary is also persuasive because Gore uses facts and example to catch our attention to why we should start paying attention to global warming and start reacting and taking actions. Gore uses a variety of ways to appeal to pathos and logos. He let his audience know that we as human tend to think that just because the world is so big that we cannot have any harmful impact, but little did we know that today we are seeing the impact in the real world. He present logos when he gives evidences and reasons on what global warming has caused and he does this to move us forward into taking actions. As he said in his documentary the reason for global warming is when there is more carbon monoxide the temperatures get

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