An Inconvenient Truth Essay

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An Inconvenient Truth The first thoughts to cross my mind as I began watching “An Inconvenient Truth” were, what a powerful, moving, and thought provoking introduction. I realized that the images of the creek and its banks reminded me so much of my childhood in the 60’s and seventies when my father would take me fishing with him. I was fortunate enough to have a father who was an earth science teacher and he had a great respect for nature in all its glory. I have some of the most wonderful memories of natural places teaming with wildlife, and Al Gore spoke in the same reverent, quiet, tone that my father spoke to me in when we were together appreciating nature. As Gore suggested, it awakened in me renewed respect for an often, taken for granted gift…our natural environment. I say gift with respect to nature because that is how I think we all need to consider it. A blessing to human kind is the framework through which we should share appreciation for nature. It is not a right of the wealthy among us to exploit nature to the detriment of the health of our planet. It is no longer acceptable for the powerful in societies around the world to feel they have the right, because they temporarily own deed to a small patch of land, to think they have right to destroy the natural balance of nature for profit by spewing carbons into the atmosphere…destroying our planet. While I tend to place blame with the corporations and the wealthy of our world, I also realize now that much of the blame resides with me. My own actions throughout the course of my daily life do not mean much, but when my actions are summed along with the actions of all other inhabitants of our planet…the negative effects add up to devastating totals. Not just actions either, attitudes must change. If I accept my neighbor’s poor efforts at reducing their carbon footprint, disposal of waste, and

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