An Inconvenient Truth Essay

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An Inconvenient Truth Movie analysis The movie An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary illustrating the causes and effects of global warming. The movie is narrated, written, and taught by the former Vice President Al Gore. In this movie, Al Gore brings many points to the audiences' attention about how global warming started, what is causing global warming to increase in effect, and how to help deal with this major issue. The first section of the movie discusses exactly what global warming is. Al Gore argues that people are the leading cause of what we know today as global warming. He argues with the aim of providing evidence that it's caused by the factories we build, the cars we drive, and the energy we burn each day are just some of the reasons causing this problem. He also talks about the countries that are the major leading contributors to the growing problem, and the countries who are the least contributors. He then proceeds to talk about how the problem is increasing as populations grow throughout the world. During the duration of the second part of the film he talks about how natural disasters will become worse and have become worse. He discusses how global warming is having strong effects on the hurricanes during hurricane season, tornadoes that are taking place all year around, and how major flooding and major droughts are having severe effects of our world. He then illustrates how the ice age came into effect, and how natural disasters could wipe out the entire world in the blink of an eye. Al Gore points out that because global warming is having such an impact on the environment, that seasons are lasting either longer or too short. It is because of this that more appalling situations are occurring without help. When the point of the seasons lasting longer or changing earlier arose, it brought about the discussion

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