An Inconvenient Truth Essay

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Planet Change Former vice president, Al Gore, in his documentary, “an inconvenient truth” published in 2006, addresses the topic of global warming and argues that global warming is a great danger, and we should take action on the issue. He supports this claim by giving statistics, using persuasion, giving anecdotes from his life that helped him become who he is now and his contribution to society, and also uses pathos, logos and ethos on his project. Then by providing evidence on the issue by showing the audience scientifically proven graphs and finally by making a call for action to all humans and convincing the audience that we need to do something about it. Al Gore’s purpose is to inform and persuade the audience that we need to make a change on our behaviors that are making all these climate changes and catastrophes. Al Gore provides information in order to show us the real truth of the planet’s environmental dangerous changes and prevent the expansion of global warming. Al Gore uses a worried tone to address his intended audience on his conferences on the mission to stop global warming. On “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore grabs the audience attention by using ethos, pathos and logos. These terms provide to the author an appeal to ethics, emotions and logic to the audience that will help the reader to agree with Al Gore’s argument. The first term to use on his speech is ethos, we tend to believe on people who we respect, and Al Gore uses ethos to create an impression to the reader or the audience that he is someone worth listening to. For example at the beginning of his speech he said, “I’m Al Gore. I used to be the next president of the United States”, by saying this, he proves to be an educated person and someone worth listening too. He also used ethics by knowing his audience and making a speech mostly on liberals, showing that he’s different than Bush. So

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