An Inconvenient Truth Essay

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Al Gore, the one who was going to be the next president of the United States of America has dedicated his life to let the people around the world to be aware of the problem which threat life on the earth. In the next lines I’m going to outline a brief summary about his movie “An inconvenient truth”. 2 Global warming is the catastrophe which threats life on earth. Al Gore explained how the atmosphere works; sun ray comes from the sun everyday then some of the rays stay inside the earth with the help of ozone layer to keep it warm. The crazy increase of carbon dioxide ratio has made the layer thicker so more rays are trapped more than we normally need. As a result, a lot of temperature changing can be seen around the world such as heat wave. Another problem the global warming is causing is that the ice is melting which is a very serious danger. The level of the sea, constructions and the weather itself all can be affected if the ice or permafrost starts to melt down because of the increasing of heat. At the end of his discussion, Al Gore confirmed that most of the scientists around the world agree that we are the main reason for the global warming. What will the future generation think of their parents if this problem gets more and more serious? Synopsis/Summary: The documentary was about global warming and on how can we protect our mother earth for future generations. Al Gore shows pictures of the earth and also shows us up-to-date data and statistics, which is also compared by figures in our prior years to show us the degree of damage we have done tour planet earth. The documentary also has elaborate cartoons and diagrams so that people of all intellectual capabilities can understand and relate to the topics under discussion. Added to that, he shows also pictures of the destruction of earth just like comparative photographs from footage of collapsing ice

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