An in-Depth Look at Software Requirements Essay

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An In-depth Look at Software Requirements Seth Epstein CIS 3512 4/4/12 If one was asked “What are software requirements?” would one readily have an answer? Software requirements are defined as “a sub-field of software engineering that deals with the elicitation, analysis, specification, and validation of requirements for software.” (Bourque, 2004). In reality, software requirements are the birth of any program. Requirements must be determined by anyone who will interact with a software product and the suppliers of a software product before the software can be built. These requirements form an agreement between the user and the supplier. Incomplete requirements lead to an incomplete product. Requirements can essentially be broken up into two categories. Functional requirements can be described as: product features, descriptions of the problem that the product solves, descriptions of the actions with which the problem is concerned and are typically characterized by verbs. Fundamentally functional requirements define the purpose and capability of the software. An article on functional requirements states “Think of the functional requirements as the business requirements. That is, if you speak with a user or one of the business people, they will describe the things that the product must do in order to complete some part of their work.” (Techtarget, 2008) These requirements are easily relatable to a program that one would go to a computer store and buy. If one imagines the features listed on the box, those are normally descriptions of how the product intends to solve the problem! Nonfunctional software requirements can be described as: product properties, descriptions of the characteristics of the problem, descriptions of the experience of the user while solving the problem and are typically characterized by adjectives. Fundamentally nonfunctional requirements
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