An Immigration Reform Essay

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The idea of an immigration reform has been talked about for the past few years. Many think it’s a good idea and many not so much. Some believe that it will bring bad things for the economy, that it would bring plenty of competition for American born workers, and that many more immigrants would be influence to cross the border to get advantage of the reform. At the same time they don’t step into the shoes of those who don’t have some type of medical insurance, that aren’t capable of visiting their families because there is no easy way back into the country, they don’t think about the children who are separated from their illegal parents. Most of what they believe is wrong, economy would be pushed up, the reform will create many more jobs for people, and there will probably be some type of system to know how long someone has lived in this country. An immigration reform is something in which everyone in the country will take advantage of, economically or socially. Many people would have the chance to live the American dream that everyone so much desires. America was built and is made up by the hard working immigrants that came to this country for a chance to progress and improve their families’ lives. Something that is being forgotten by many people and that must be remembered by every single person. We have come to a point in which the hard work of immigrants isn’t being recognized by politicians and are being deported back to a country they left either to the lack of work or family problems. An immigration reform would allow immigrants to work freely in factories or in the fields without worrying of being stop during raids. Something that in many cases causes the separation of families. Something in which the most effected are US born children that are separated from their parents, parents in whom some cases both are illegal. Politicians need to start thinking about

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