An Illustration of What Schizophrenia May or May Not Be in the Film, “a Beautiful Mind

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When watching a movie, we pay attention to the actors playing the role of his or her character. What keeps the audience watching depends on how well the actor or actress does in their role. Their acting deciphers the type of character, which includes their mood, social status, personal health condition, and more. It is essential that actors portray their intended roles because they are illustrating what can be possible real life situations. It is difficult to act if the character has a psychological order because he or she must portray the same actual behavior, as it would be in real life. How well the actor plays their role determines how accurate the movie is to the actual disorder. “A Beautiful Mind” is based on a real life story about John Nash who has a psychological disorder called, Schizophrenia. According to Dewan (2012), it is a serious mental illness that causes one to have disturbed organized thinking, behavior, and speaking abilities. They gain moments where they believe that someone they meet and something they hear or feel is actually there, but it is just in the figment of their imagination. In this paper, it will compare and contrast on how accurate this film is to the actual behavior of schizophrenia. In the beginning of this film, John Nash, currently a student at Princeton University, arrives and settles in his dorm room to find later on that he has a roommate that moves with him. His new roommate Charles Herman comes into the room leaving John standing there utterly confused to where he came from. Instead of trying to converse with his roommate, John stays quiet with a puzzled look on his face. Dewan (2012) states that not speaking to anyone, having mixed emotions, and withdrawing yourself to anyone are normal symptoms to this disorder. Schizophrenia “causes serious problems in day-to-day living” (Dewan, 2012, p. 1). While watching the film,

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