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An Ideal Teacher Essay

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IS there anything ideal in this world? DOES the perfection exist? I doubt it; otherwise the life would have been stopped. Each person has an endless way of self-perfection, where the final destination never appears apriori. “The more I learn, the more I realize that I know nothing” is a very just quotation. It is about our minds. But what is about our souls? It is all the same as a man is a whole creature. So “The more I perfect myself, the more I realize my ignorance”.
    HOW anything could be ideal? HOW can the perfection exist? People all are different, people’s perception and the set of values differ. “What is good for the Russians is a death for the Germans”, remember? So people’s attitude towards one and the same object, one and the same phenomenon can be not simply different, but even contradictory. And how then can we deal what is ideal and what is awkward?
    WHAT is ideal then? WHAT is the embodiment of perfection? For us it can be only the Nature, who gives us life, provides us with food for stomachs and thoughts, everything in Nature is balanced self-regulated without intervention. But people still were not satisfied with Her, people still believed they can make it better, people still did not find Her ideal. And what is the result? It is obvious, only an infant does not know about ecological problems.
    So HOW can we look for any ideal now, if we have spoiled the main and the only perfection? How can there be an ideal teacher if people do not even know how to live without causing problems to each other and a home they live in? So as there is no common ideal for people, there is DEFINITELY no ideal teacher in the world, as perfection should be recognized by everyone.
    Teachers at schools, parents they all are people equally affected by the society, by the world we live in, spoiled by wrong ideals and life motos. They are sure they give us right information and teach us good, but the concept of...

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