An Ideal Student Essay

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Introduction to persuasion and argumentation: What is an argument? An argument is the logical presentation of a topic supported by reasons. Much like a debate, where opposing sides of an issue are presented, the argumentative essay presents one side of an issue using evidence to convince the reader to draw the same conclusion as the author. However, writer should also bring opposite side and nullify its impact through solid reasons and evidences instead of just ignoring it. The Process of Creating an Argument: Plan: decide upon a topic Identify key words and names Integrate concepts and state the main topics of the essay in your own words Develop questions to organize your search Search: locate sources of information Search for relevant information Interpret: Select and evaluate information to support the main ideas Read, interpret, infer, analyze and paraphrase the source information Create: Organize information, discard non-pertinent information Write an essay using the source information to support main topics Evaluate: Read your paper Share your essays with others Evaluate the effectiveness through feedback Writing an Argumentative Essay Before developing an essay, remember the following points: * Choose an appropriate topic which is argumentative in nature. * Explore the possibilities and your opinions regarding the topic * Anticipate opposing views and develop a strategy for refuting them * Know and remember your audience. Use appropriate words and tone * Decide which points of argument to include. * Develop each paragraph according to standard, which has been discussed earlier in group. Structure of an Argumentative Essay The most important thing regarding your essay is that it should be well organized and according to a

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