An Ideal Husband Essay

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An ideal husband Discuss to what extent “An Ideal Husband” is a comedy or a tragedy. Comedy and tragedy differs from one another. A comedic drama or play typically ends with a celebration despite how ironic it can be. In other words, a comedy will always have a turning away from the most challenging human possibilities. Tragedy is different in the sense that it will always have sad or gory endings that conveys a message with a hidden meaning underneath it. I believe the novel An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde is a social comedy because it has both serious and comedic plot line. The play is mainly about a prominent politician who is in the verge of losing his reputation as a paragon of integrity, as the play’s villain threatened to expose his youth indiscretion that is in the knowledge of none. Although, the dishonest act he committed is kept still as a secret, the plot line conveys a message that suggests the society has both hypocritical and noble human beings. Oscar Wilde portrays the Victorian society, as the ones who are obsessed with purity, knowing that man are imperfect of any age. Apart from all the high expectations from the society, the play is supposed to be funny. It can be seen clearly that the characters introduced are witty and there are moments that the play is not directly concerned with the “social” plot. In the play, the conflict was first introduced; the second Mrs. Chevely had an alone time with Sir Robert. They started off the conversation fine and complimented each other through it. The tension between them started when she has asked of him a favor. He was delighted to offer a hand to her but it changed after she described to him what it is. When he refused to help, she informs him that she has the letter proving that Sir Robert has sold inside information about the government’s Suez Canal years ago. Having been tempted with wealth

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