An Eye for an Eye Essay

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An eye to an eye makes the whole world blind” – Gandhiji Few months back in October 2013, NASA came up with a marvelous piece of news. According to it the spacecraft Voyager II which was sent to explore outer space had crossed the limits of our solar system. The news was a significant one because it is the first man made object which is experiencing the space beyond the solar system. Other fascinating fact about the mission of Voyager II is that it is carrying a CD which contains the signature or rather a description of life on earth and the various glorifying achievements of human race. The idea is that if at all life forms existing in outer space happen to intercept this space craft then they would come to know about human race and its features. Indeed it is a marvelous achievement. But the very next moment when one reflects upon the dark side of human race having so many existence-threatening attributes the heart fills with despair and we certainly do not want to let the alien world know about all those negative traits. But what are these negative traits? These are anger, lust, greed, vanity among various others. Out of these, anger is the most dangerous to the very existence of human race. It is because it begets violence. Violence is inflicting injury to others by thoughts, words and deeds. The most unique point to notice about it is that violence begets violence which then proliferates into a chain reaction. It is in this context where Gandhiji’s philosophy of – an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind- bears significance. Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest blessings of the almighty on Indians, laid down a novel philosophy for us to follow. Like the sun breaks the darkness at dawn he gave us the guiding light to break away the shackles of subjugation, fear and exploitation by adopting the path of truth and non-violence. It would be too narrow to restrict

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