An Eye For An Eye Essay

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An eye for an eye is an idiom. Before I did my research on the internet, I thought this idiom was a fiction book’s idea. After a while, I found out what this idiom means on the internet, thus I started to write about this. I made a guess of what “an eye for an eye” means. I was thinking that this idiom came from a cartoon. For instance, a cat seized a dog’s eye, thus the dog grabs the cat’s eye out. It seemed like somebody actually used an object to pop out someone’s eye. I comprehended that this was a silly thought, yet that is what I presumed. The internet made a comment that “an eye for an eye” was clarified as blood revenge. In the same way, this quote was also known as a formal judicial procedure for punishing the offender. This idiom could mean if someone did a wrong doing, they should be punished the same way as the offender. Therefore, if you murder somebody, you deserve to die. After my research, I now perceived what this quote meant. It was defined as revenge. I found that this idiom was a quotation from the bible, as well. The Bible wrote “life shall go for life, eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.” I believe this quote has happened a lot in our lives. I now absolutely understand the meaning of this idiom. Meanwhile, I don’t truly agree with this. It is because if everybody is revengeful, then this world would be chaotic and would turn out to be an episode of endless

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