An Eye for an Eye Essay

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Professor Geoppo An Eye For An Eye In 1993, a 2 year old name Jamie Bulger, living in Bootle, England, was taken by two 10 year old boys, and was mutilated and murdered. The two boys then laid his body on a railroad track with the intention of causing substantial injury, making it look like a cover up of what they did to the child. The murderers were tried and convicted as minors and the boys have since been relocated and given new identities stated by article Juvenile criminals must be tried as adults. (Wilde) Jamie Bulger is one of many victims who are unlucky for juvenile crimes. Every year approximately 1.8 million juveniles are arrested for violent crimes. (Law) However, we see juveniles not be tried as adults when they deserve to be. Juveniles are killing, raping, just doing crime that adults do and are not being punished because of the age they are. One of the problems that we have not treating juveniles as adults is that we treat them as a child, who gets hit in the hand after doing something bad and telling them "Don't do it again". If the two 10 year old boys were diabolical to leave Jaime on the train tracks, they should be able to know the consequences of what they have done. On CNN news on July 27, 2001 a 14 year old boy name Nathaniel Brazil was convicted for killing his middle school teacher Barry Grunow. He was charged with second degree murder and was sentence to 28 years in prison. He admitted pulling the gun out of his backpack and pointing it at the teacher; because, the teacher did not allow him to speak to two girls in his class. (CNN) Furthermore, he then believed he had the gun on safety. He stated he was sorry for what he did and wished he can take it back. I'm sure Grunow's family also would love to take it all back. However, this world does not work that way. Nathaniel should have known consequences and responsibility of an armed gun.

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