An Experiment Investigating the Stroop Effect on Color-Related Words.

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An experiment investigating the Stroop effect on color-related words. 1/2 The stroop effect interference is defined as the difference in time to name the ink colors of printed color words compared to neutral color words. This experiment aimed to verify if the stroop effect interference still occurred when a variation was introduced and color-related words were used instead of color words. Participants were given one list of color-related words written in incongruent ink colors and another list of color neutral words. Participants were then asked to name the ink color and their response times for each list were measured in seconds. The results showed that the stroop effect interference extended to color-related words, providing further evidence for the interference and costs of the automatic processes of attention.8/8 Introduction Although we are able to sense a huge amount of information, not all of it is processed. Through a process of selection known as attention, only some pieces of information are selected for further processing by cognitive resources. The reason why we need to reduce incoming information may be due to a limited capacity to process information. Kahneman (as cited in Edgar, 2007) explains it in the limited capacity theory of attention. According to it, “the brain contains limited-capacity central processor responsible for analyzing incoming information and integrating it to information already held in memory” (Edgar, 2007, pp.11). Thus, when a person tries to do many things at once interference can occur if those things compete for the same pool of resources. However, Macleod (as cited in Edgar, 2007) showed that it is possible to do two things at once without interference. In his study, participants had to carry out a visual and an auditory task and respond to them by saying ‘bip’. He found that response time was not slowed, implying

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